Welcome to the Discovery Bay Marine Lab (DBML)!  We are one of three marine labs in Jamaica affiliated with University of the West Indies (UWI).  We focus on research, education and outreach.  We welcome inquiries and feel free to contact us here.  We support ongoing education at all levels and encourage teachers to book educational session with us.  We can offer boat rides, snorkeling and educational seminars based on your curriculum as it relates to the Jamaican North Coast.  We have a series of aquarium displays, solar energy and energy reduction displays and a student favorite the wet lab, where you can get up close and personal with many of our wonderful native species in the marine ecosystem.

We have several on-going restoration projects at this time.  Mangrove rehabilitation including a mangrove nursery, coral restorations along with multiple nurseries that students are able to see in our snorkeling sessions and we are a member of the Discovery Bay SFCA steering committee: aiming to have the DBAY SFCA as a well managed and sustainable protected area.

We also have the only hyperbaric chamber in Jamaica for Scuba diving incidents along with a heli-pad for emergencies.   We offer researchers accommodations and assistance as required.  Our two boat captains are also trained divers and can assist as needed.


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